Do you need help creating meaningful customer interactions for your ecommerce beauty brand? Consider utilizing Magnet Beauty’s live chat software to increase your sales revenue with higher conversion rates — by transforming digital customer experiences through personalization on messaging channels.

Magnet Beauty’s Conversational Cloud Platform empowers your beauty brand’s online visitors to seek expert advice from our network of licensed and certified beauty professionals, all from the comfort of their home. With features like live video chat and in-chat product recommendations, consumers can shop with ease and confidence.

Read on to learn about the Magnet Beauty features that make business easier for beauty brands everywhere.

Feature 1: Ability to Select Your BeautyPro

Within our Conversational Chat feature, you are able to engage with a Magnet Beauty professional expert — licensed aestheticians, cosmetologists, and makeup artists of your choice. With an average of 5-10+ years of experience in the beauty industry, each BeautyPro brings a level of proficiency and skill to the conversation. With our customized BeautyPro profiles, users are able to view our Pro’s certifications, specialities, language preferences, and more. They’re also a diverse group of BeautyPros, important for a personalized, relatable experience for every consumer, and available to connect in real-time to review any shopping concerns, with a front row view of their needs. This brings a level of comfort to consumers as they are able to hand select who they speak to via chat versus the traditional auto chat specialist on deck. Our service also offers consumers the opportunity to go back to the same BeautyPro in the future or revisit archived conversations.

Feature 2: Proactive Chat

With our chat feature, one of our talented beauty professionals has the ability to welcome customers and proactively engage them in conversation. A pop-up chat with a BeautyPro appears on the site when customers are browsing online, during the hours of operations based on your brand’s needs. The chat application is custom designed to compliment your brand style and color scheme, and includes fully managed operations for coverage during peak website traffic. Once we are able to engage with a customer via chat, our highly personalized and contextualized messages from our live BeautyPros guide a customer’s purchasing journey. If any questions arise during their shopping experience, instant answers are efficiently provided, increasing your customer’s trust in your brand, leading to increased AOV, reduced returns, and returning customers.

Feature 3: Live 1:1 Video Chat

When you walk into a retail store, you expect someone to be available when you need assistance. Why should it be any different online? On your beauty brand’s website, our easy-to-use live video chat function will provide visitors with the same in-store experience. Our Magnet BeautyPros are licensed make-up artists, certified cosmetologists, and estheticians with 5-10 years of experience in the beauty industry, trained in product knowledge for your specific brand with a deep passion for all things beauty — makeup, skincare, and hair care.

Feature 4: Product Recommendation

Our personalization features provide beauty brands with the ability to make product recommendations to customers in real-time within the chat feature. Visitors can review BeautyPro network recommendations and seamlessly add their customized recommendations directly into their digital shopping carts, without leaving the website or page.. View how our Pros leverage in-chat recommendations by viewing.

Feature 5: Rating & Review

Ratings and reviews are an invaluable source of customer service feedback. Reviews by consumers on their consultation experiences with BeautyPros can uncover issues with products, shed light on your audience’s preferences and user experiences, and inform product innovation, as well as give you insight into what customer service tactics work best for your brand. Consumers can rate and review their session with our beauty professionals to ensure every customer service experience meets their expectations and provides ample opportunity to streamline your business for success.

Feature 6: Chat History

Nothing is ever lost with Magnet Beauty. Chat transcripts are emailed and viewable in the chat history directly within the chat application, providing the chance to recall all the tips and recommendations given by our BeautyPros for future reference. This also allows an additional opportunity to re-engage customers as their email is collected and shared directly with your beauty brand monthly. We find that many beauty brands leverage these customer emails for future marketing promotions via email and digital ads.
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