Did you know the eCommerce beauty world is expected to grow to nearly $784.6 billion by 2025? The industry is no longer dominated by a few big names — it’s now brimming with start-up brands focused on untapped corners of the market. This is great news for consumers whose beauty routines are now more individualized and not dictated by the whims of a handful of corporate executives. It’s a hopeful time for aspiring entrepreneurs with a prescience for cosmetic trends looking to carve out their own niche. Competition, however, is also at an all-time high — and only the truly savvy eCommerce beauty brands aren’t phased, despite consumers’ inability to try products before purchasing online.

Keep reading for our top best practices for beauty brands that are looking to cut through the noise, forge relationships with consumers, and increase online sales.

Let’s dive in.

Ease Consumer Concerns

Beauty is extremely personal. It affects how people look, feel, and express themselves. 

Naturally, this means the customer will have a lot of questions, concerns, and objections that will surface throughout their purchasing journey, and with the customer being behind a screen, not able to try the product, this creates a unique challenge for beauty brands.

Products are applied directly onto consumers’ faces, bodies, and hair and no two people are the same; that’s why individual expression and customization are being driven from within the industry. Brands are making more effort than ever before to innovate and bring new options to the consumer. So it makes sense that customers are naturally wary of brands they don’t recognize, especially digital-native companies.

This is where Magnet Beauty steps in. ‍It’s important for eCommerce beauty brands to offer personalized digital sales engagement solutions to answer unique questions regarding product specific ingredients, contrasts in shades, and even ideal product recommendations based on consumer skin types. Research shows consumers who don’t get answers to these questions will simply *click* away from a potential sale.

Also remember, your beauty brand’s products will likely generate unique questions from consumers, so a live, 1:1 personalized consultation through a virtual beauty advisor is the best avenue for digital customer satisfaction. When you work with Magnet Beauty, your site’s live chat function comes complete with knowledgeable brand and product-certified experts, who are uniquely specialized in cosmetics, aesthetics, and haircare and all have a pre-vetted license and certification in their niche specialty.

Eliminate Indecision

Variety is the *spice* of life, but in the beauty industry it can yield “customer paralysis.” Think about all the various shades of lipstick a brand carries. Without the chance to try on the product, an eCommerce consumer may give up mid-scroll due to the overwhelming sense of options. Magnet Beauty can help your customers easily choose the right products to effectively reduce decision fatigue and convert site visitors into purchasers through our “product recommendation” functionality within the chat. Our Beauty Advisors are not only able to better understand the consumers desire, they are also able to direct them through an interactive in-chat feature towards the best product choice for their specific needs.

Understand Your Customer

We’ve noticed a lot of the same questions are mentioned over and over again from customers who buy beauty products online:

  • What happens if I have a skin reaction?
  • What are the product ingredients?
  • How do I know if the shade I’m seeing on the screen is accurate?
  • Will this color work with my skin type?
  • Which of these products do I apply first and last?

Data shows that a customer lacking an answer for these questions will usually halt their decision to buy. In other words, not answering your customers’ concerns — is killing your conversions.

Here’s what you absolutely need to know: customers might have dozens of questions about your products that are unique to your brand. Unfortunately, we’ve found that every company has their audience blind spots. And guess what? These things they ignore are generally what’s causing their conversion rate to be lower than they desire. To grow your online sales in the beauty space, it’s critical that you discover and address your audience’s blind spots. 

When you walk into a retail store, you expect someone to be available when you need help. Why should it be any different online? Magnet Beauty is transforming digital customer experience through our Digital Sales Engagement Platform for eCommerce. 

Live chat will give your customers the information they want, when they want it. Certified Beauty Advisors are managed, monitored, staffed, and trained by Magnet Beauty, and provide live, pre-sales support for your brand.


Today, the beauty industry has more options than ever to serve customers. With the right combination of strategic moves, brands can cut through the noise and communicate effectively with potential customers to increase sales. For every eCommerce beauty brand looking for help honing their digital strategies or communication tactics, Magnet Beauty is ready.