Why Use Magnet?

Magnet Beauty’s digital sales engagement platform provides an immersive and highly personalized service complete with brand and product-certified beauty advisors in makeup, skincare, and haircare.



Engage your customers with access to Magnet BeautyPro consultants who cater to your eCommerce beauty industry. Increase your customer’s trust and value in your beauty brand leading to bigger purchases and returning customers.

Conversion Rate

Convert shoppers into buyers with Magnet Beauty’s live chat complimented by our network of beauty professionals. Brands using Magnet Beauty experience a 3-8X lift in consumer engagement and conversion rate in their online stores.

Conversion Rate
Online Revenue

Online Revenue

Drive more revenue with Magnet Beauty’s revolutionary digital sales engagement platform. Your website visitors are more likely to make a purchase when talking to a beauty advisor. Not only that, but the average order value may also increase by more than 65%!

Average Order Value

Increase your AOV with personalized recommendations made by a network of licensed and managed BeautyPro’s that are proficient at matching products based on their individual needs, enhancing the customer experience with your store.

Average Order Value
Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty

Create lasting customer relationships and drive repeat business by providing a completely personalized customer experience. Data shows customers prefer live chat over all other communication channels. Did we mention we have a 98% customer satisfaction rate?

Fully Managed Operations

Lower operational costs by more than 40% and shorten your time to market. Instantly on, fully managed service. With just a few lines of code and Magnet Beauty’s network of certified beauty professionals, your brand will be operational in less than a couple of weeks.

Fully Managed Operations

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Revenue Impact

From 3X to

3 X
Conversion rates

Up to

1 %
Increased traffic to product pages
1 %
Increase in AOV
1 %
Customer satisfaction

Results may vary

Digital Sales Engagement

for Your Brand

Magnet Beauty empowers your brand to:

Generate deeper insights about consumer needs

Maintain control over your brand experience

Create authentic, personalized experiences

Differentiate your brand to consumers

Drive customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and online sales

Live Personalized Shopping Experience

for Your Customers

Magnet Beauty enables visitors to:

Connect with a beauty expert instantly

Authentic, personalized shopping experience

Get instant answers to all their questions

Welcoming and private environment

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