Person working on computer with icons of Chatbot computer program designed for conversation with human users over the Internet. Support and customer service automation technology concept.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its way into our daily lives through our chat channels, thanks to online chatbot software. At the most basic level, a bot is a computer program that simulates and processes human-like conversation, allowing users to interact with digital devices as if they were communicating with a real person. Chatbots usually answer a simple query with a single-line response, or sometimes act more like a digital assistant that gathers and processes information.

The beauty industry is one of many that has realized the overwhelming potential of this technology to help assist consumers 24-7, opening a new world of customer interaction. Yet, beauty is much more personal than other industries, and messaging succeeds when it is personalized — whether that’s product recommendations or beauty tips. 

Beauty chatbots are ideal for customer support inquiries because so many have repeatable processes, such as store locations and product returns. But are chatbots the right customer service solution for beauty brands? The answer is no. The same does not apply when it comes to helping a customer find the perfect product for their skin tone. They simply cannot replace the value of real human engagement online. In fact, multiple reasons have led to chatbots falling short for customer service needs. Today, we will discuss the top four reasons why you should utilize chatbots for FAQ only and instead, supplement a 1:1 product consultation for a complete, elevated customer experience for your beauty brand.

Inability To Process Emotions

Customer service is not just about answering questions or providing resolutions, it’s also about being empathetic. Unlike humans, chatbots do not have cognitive capacities like empathy to deal with the nuance of language or behavior.

No matter how much you train your chatbot software, they cannot understand emotions, making it a frustrating experience for customers.

Inability To Resolve Personalized Issues

Chatbots can be really helpful in answering customers’ frequently asked questions. But they can’t resolve the unique personalized problems of your customers. Totally relying on chatbots and not redirecting customers’ personalized issues to human agents can result in frustrated and dissatisfied customers.

Humans Want To Talk To A Human

Amazon’s Alexa is a perfect example of the possibilities of chatbots answering many human queries. We are seeking out new ways to connect, mostly through video chat. No matter how intelligent your chatbot software is, it cannot replace authentic human connection. In today’s pandemic environment, people are starving for human interaction and connection.

Cold User Experiences

Chatbots say a lot about your brand, literally. Yet, they lack flow. Often the chat totally lacks personality with a robotic tone.

Chatbots also need to deliver clear, concise, and conversational responses. Your chatbot’s voice should be your brand’s voice. Align them, or risk confusing your customers.

When the chatbot fails to offer the user any useful options, the user can get lost. When users encounter a “dead end” with the chatbot, they leave the site and the brand ends up paying for a chatbot platform that does nothing but kills conversion rates.

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